Arkivi i Lëvizjes LGBTI+ në Kosovë

Training for Journalists and Journalism Students

August 24, 2023

CEL provided training for journalists and journalism students on how journalists report about LGBTI issues and the need to challenge discrimination. The training, attended by journalists and journalism students, was conducted by LGBTI rights activist and Albanian journalist Kristi Parent the Youth Initiative for Human Rights.

In this event, the problems and rights of the LGBTI community were addressed with concrete examples from Kosovo and Albania. Pinder emphasized the importance of the LGBTI community’s relationship with the media by encouraging more frequent media coverage of the community and enhancing the media space available to the human rights issue.

“Unfortunately in the Albanian media there is more room for controversy than for the real problems and concerns of the LGBTI community,” Pinderi said. However, according to him, the LGBTI community and the movement for the rights of this community should not exclude itself from the media and should not ignore its demands. “Although the controversy does not inform, it can be a chance for the LGBTI community to educate society and the media itself,” Pinderi added.

According to activist Blert Morina, CEL Kosovo held earlier this year training on LGBTI rights and other issues aimed at protecting and securing the right to freedom and expression for everyone. During the training, the first feature-length documentary on the history of the LGBT movement in Albania, SkaNdal, winner of the first prize of the Balkan Film and Culinary Festival (Pogradec 2015), as well as participants in the official competition at some international festivals between and at the Sarajevo Festival in 2014.

This training is supported by Civil Rights Defenders.