Arkivi i Lëvizjes LGBTI+ në Kosovë

Free Legal Aid

What is CEL?

CEL Kosovo offers legal assistance including:

  • Legal Advice
  • Accompanying victims of violence to the police station,
  • prosecution and / or court
  • Advocating with law enforcement officials
  • Referral to NGOs and other lawyers providing legal services
  • ‘Referral to the Ombudsman

Who can benefit from CEL services?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersexwho can be:

  • Survivors of Domestic Violence
  • Survivors of sexual assault
  • Hate crimes
  • Victims of Discrimination
  • Victims of Trafficking
  • Persons with employment disabilities; self-employment and professional development

Free representation

If you have a legal issue that we cannot help with and you cannot pay for a lawyer; we can give you contact information for attorneys who offer free counseling.

How can they help you?

If you are concerned about the work of the police, in particular the actions of a particular police officer or a civil servant working for the police, you can file a complaint directly with the police inspectorate. If the police acted unprofessionally, as assigned to you because you belong to a particular community, you can file a complaint and the inspectors will investigate. If they find that there has been a violation, then the individual or group responsible will be sanctioned. You can file a complaint by contacting the police inspectorate directly, either in person or in writing at the address below. They will begin a formal investigation within 14 days of receiving your complaint and complete the case within three months. Alternatively, you can also file a written complaint with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, or by going directly to any police station. The complaint will then be forwarded to the police inspectorate, unless considered a misdemeanor, in which case it will be handled directly by the police professional standards unit.

If you feel that you have been abused or discriminated against by police officers or civil servants because of your sexual orientation and / or gender identity, please let us know as well. We as an organization are working towards an inclusive society and responsible institutions – so it is very important to be aware of these works.

Contact information

Kosovo Police Inspectorate, Str. Tirana, (former Bridge Building), +381 (0) 38 213 388, 213 798, Prishtina

Should I make an appointment for a consultation?

In order to make our work as efficient as possible, appointments are needed in many cases. If you do not want to meet us but still want to report a case, please click here.

What can I expect from CEL?

After the initial consultation, you may be eligible for ongoing legal assistance from CEL. On the other hand, depending on the nature of the case, you may be referred to a private lawyer, or to a non-legal service provider. In some cases, clients are only given legal advice; and others are offered more help. Ongoing assistance and / or legal representation is only available to those who cannot afford a private lawyer. All CEL services are free of charge.

Based on what principles does CEL operate when providing said services?

CEL operates according to the following principles:

  • Non-discrimination
  • confidentiality
  • Respect for victims

Legal publications

Should I make an appointment for a consultation?