Arkivi i Lëvizjes LGBTI+ në Kosovë

REACTION regarding the statement of the official of the Ministry of Justice Mr. Xheladin Krasniqi about LGBTI persons in Kosovo

April 4, 2024

February 14, 2019

The organizations Center for Equality and Liberty – CEL and Center for Social Groups Development – CSGD, strongly condemn the language used by the Official of the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Xhelajdin Krasniqi. Mr. Krasniqi described LGBTI persons as extreme degeneration, calling for murder and rape of LGBTI persons.

“Uuuuu what extreme degeneracy. Sword, only you can take revenge! It would be good before taking their head off with a sword to first put the sword in their a**” 

“Uuuuu çfarë degjenerimi i skajshëm. E shpat e bi bre. Mir ish kon pra se me ju hjek koken me ja u rras shpaten ne b****”

This public statement of Mr. Xheladin Krasniqi is incitement and spreading of hatred towards LGBTI persons and as such is a criminal offense punishable by the Criminal Code of Kosovo. In addition, the homophobic statement of Mr. Xheladin Krasniqi is extremely offensive to LGBTI persons. Therefore CEL and CSGD will use all legal steps to hold Xheladin Kransiq responsible for the statement given.

CEL and CSGD condemn any hate speech directed at LGBTI persons or any other community that lives in Kosovo and enjoys protection by the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and other laws in force.

All officials of the Government of Kosovo and other public institutions that spread hate speech must be held accountable and held accountable for such statements. Employees of public institutions receive a salary from the taxes of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and must perform their duties in accordance with the Constitution and laws of Kosovo which sanction hate speech and discrimination and promote inclusiveness and tolerance. Therefore, the responsibility and accountability of these officials should be at a higher level. We request that the Ministry of Justice take immediate disciplinary measures against Xheladin Krasniqi for the statement given.

CEL Kosovo & CSGD