Arkivi i Lëvizjes LGBTI+ në Kosovë

Pride Parade 2020

Although in very difficult conditions and with greater challenges, the Pride Parade was held under the slogan I DO, to demand equal rights and opportunities.

This year we found a way to be visible and address our demands for all LGBTI+ people in Kosovo.

We thank the LGBTI+ people who were part of this parade in physical and virtual ways, and who showed themselves to be so strong throughout this difficult year.

We thank the Kosovo Police for being at our service this year without hesitation, offering us security.

Also, we thank our partners, the municipality of Pristina, Embassies, Institutions and donors for their continuous support and tireless work.

Happy Pride Parade to all LGBTI + people and our supporters. Hopefully next year we will all celebrate together in better conditions and with greater involvement.

#Ido #PoDu #Hoću