Arkivi i Lëvizjes LGBTI+ në Kosovë

Balkan Ballroom

Cultural nights like Balkan Ballroom are a revolutionary tradition of the LGBTI movement. The music of Mikey (Berlin), Gent (KS) and the performances of drag queens and kings brought us together this time to celebrate diversity, love, and above all to feel proud.

It was indescribable pleasure and special and historic moments for the drag scene and culture.

Thanks usually come from the heart, but this time from its depths. Thanks to Jehona Jahaj, Mikey Woodbridge and Yann Perregaux Dielf for making this night happen, and special thanks to Cat Jugvaru for creating performances and contributing to the drag scene in Kosovo.

We sincerely thank the performers: Miss Fenix, Barbie Lo, Victoria Owns, Emma, Toxic Macho and Sultana Turkan for the super energy they brought us, for the effort and courage.’