Arkivi i Lëvizjes LGBTI+ në Kosovë

What an incredible start to Pride Week 2024!

What an incredible start to Pride Week 2024!

Today we gathered at the Government Building, under the motto “We were and always will be” for the official opening of Prishtina Pride 2024, stating once more the demand for recognition and equal rights for all LGBQTI+ communities.

The official opening of Pride Week takes place under the patronage of the Office for Good Governance, Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination – Prime Minister’s Office. We had words of welcome from Habit Hajredini. We were honored by the powerful speeches from:Albulena Haxhiu, Minister of Justice, Mimoza Kusari-Lila, Chairperson of the VV Parliamentary Group, Alyson Grunder, Deputy Ambassador of the United States to the Republic of Kosovo, Tomáš Szunyog, Head of the EU Office in Kosovo, Jonas Westerlund, Ambassador of Sweden to Kosovo and Arber Nuhiu, Executive Director of the Center for Social Group Development – CSGD

Institutional recognition and support for LGBTQI+ rights are crucial in fostering an inclusive society where everyone can live authentically and without fear. We call on our government to commit and ensure that the rights and dignity of all LGBTQI+ individuals are upheld and celebrated.

Here’s to an amazing week ahead. 🏳️‍🌈