Arkivi i Lëvizjes LGBTI+ në Kosovë

Queer TV

The sharing of personal and intimate stories within the family in television stories has become a normality in the television industry, still representing a conservative concept of the family, with defined roles within the family and separated based on sex and gender.

During the summer, these television stories are added in large numbers due to a tradition of recent years to follow as many family stories, as intimate as possible, from the diaspora.

In these hundreds of stories found on the Internet published by our televisions, they advertise only one version of the family, the heterosexual one, with a patriarchal head and where sex is a form of submission and determines moral norms.

The narrative of a gay, lesbian, trans or simply queer family is completely missing in these stories.

Playing on the sentiment of sharing highly personal stories with plenty of intrigue, the story of Queer TV is a brutal satire, to draw attention to different versions

The story of Sevdija – a transgender person – who comes to live in Kosovo, is written in the most superficial way possible to be as similar as possible to most stories that talk about family, about harassment, about the rules of the Kanun, and about justice of the odes.

This activity is supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kosovo