Arkivi i Lëvizjes LGBTI+ në Kosovë

Let’s Watch It – ‘Prayers for Bobby’

On February 15, we gathered at the YIHR Hub to screen the film ‘Prayers for Bobby’.

This very emotional film is based on the life of Bobby Griffith, a young gay boy and his mother Mary Griffith. The film shows Bobby’s challenges to understand and accept himself but also his struggle to be accepted by his mother who tries to change him. Through the film, we can reflect how homophobia, lack of support, social norms and lack of information about the queer community, which turns into homophobia and hatred, affects the mental health of LGBTI+ people. After losing her son Mary Griffith became more informed about the queer community and became a vocal activist for queer rights and called for all parents to be more informed and accepting of their LGBTI+ children.

This activity is supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Pristina