Campaign against bullying #NukVlenëMëpak

The harassment that people face every day, especially young people, can have many long-term consequences. The impact of bullying on individuals is not always obvious and can have consequences on mental health and limit the development of a proper lifestyle at school, work, street, or any other environment where such harassment may occur. How can you help? - React to someone who is being bullied - Report the case to the competent authorities - Evaluate the experience of someone who has been bullied and listen to them - Educate bullies Being considered different, living differently, or having different preferences does not mean they are valid anymore less. You are him/her because of your features, I embrace them.

This campaign was made possible by the Equality Engagement Program (E4E), funded by the United States Agency for International Development - USAID Kosovo and implemented by the Center for Equality and Liberty CEL and supported by the Advocacy Training and Resource Center - Advocacy Training and Resource Center – ATRC.