Belgrade Pride 2016 - Story 2

My experience in the Belgrade Pride Week 2016

My experience in Belgrade was amazing, because it was the first time for me to participate in such activity and was the first time I visited the city of Belgrade. Participating in this event was very important to me because it had been a long since I wanted to take part in meetings or workshops dealing with the rights of the LGBTI community. Also the location of the workshops was a challenge, because it was Belgrade in Serbia to which citizens of our country have always prejudice how we will be treated there and whether we will be safe.

With the start of the first day we felt very relaxed and comfortable among other participants, when we visited the exhibition which was very educational and there we met different people from different countries. On the next day was the conference for LGBTI, where there was debate regarding "bullying" in schools. That was a very important topic because it is a phenomenon that occurs not only here but in all schools of the world where young persons belonging to the LGBTI community, are harassed and attacked every day only because of their sexual orientation.

The most important part of the week was Gay Pride because it was my first time to take part in a Gay Pride, and the event was massive with many people, with many music and colours. An environment more open and free for me.

During the days we stayed there, we were constantly meeting new people with whom we created friendly relations and have remained in touch to meet again in the future, in Pristina where we invited some of my friends to visit Kosovo.

I wholeheartedly thank CEL for the opportunity to experience such an unforgettable experience, and for their work in strengthening the LGBTI community in Kosovo.