Empowerment of the LGBT community

Our center, CEL, aims to address discrimination faced by individual members of the LGBT community by providing a safe space and relevant information about LGBT rights and issues. With the various activities and lectures held at the center, and support provided to the members, we aim to develop the strength and fortitude required to stand up to, and eventually address and eradicate internalized homophobia within the LGBT community.

Awareness raisining among general poplation

Our work in the field of awareness raising is concentrated in working both with the LGBT community as well as society in general. Our aim is to increase the awareness of the community about their rights, ascertain the readiness of the community to enjoy those rights and to raise the level of awareness of the society with the necessity for the respect of the rights of the LGBT community

Advocacy / Lobbying

Our aim as a Centre for Equality and Liberty is to, through our activities influence public policy, strengthen the rule of law and break the stereotypical apprehension of LGBT community. Our advocacy related activities have included public speaking, media campaigns, participation as active members in governmental bodies mandated to further the rights of the LGBT individuals and community, lobbying of the relevant institutions and bodies in issues of interest to the community.