Belgrade Pride 2016

“Lift, while climbing” a sentence which I will never forget, a sentence which gave me a new way of thinking and living.

This was a short description of how a person should live life and was given by the great professor and a wonderful person Kevin Jennings. 

His speech was an inspiration for me and for the most of the class I think, he made us think about how not to lose our sense of being a good human being during this hard trip of life as a person who belongs to LGBTI community. He gave many other good advices to us. Also other parts of conferences were interesting, everyone would be telling about their country, what problems do they have, trying to give a solution on how to solve them, it was so beautiful seeing everyone together towards one goal -“Being free to love”.

There were many inspiring people who talked in the panel and I really feel lucky to have been part of an event like this.

I also met wonderful people there, made friends for life, we even felt sad when we had to get back home we got so used to each other and felt comfortable in our own skin.

Beside the conferences, the people who organized “Belgrade Pride”, also took care so all of us would have fun. They organized parties, one of which had a beautiful gallery of LGBTI people, played music for us, it was very entertaining.

In the end I have to mention the big beautiful parade, which was the best moment of it all, so many color, so many happy people with their smiley faces. Everyone would be dancing, waving their colored flags, feeling accepted, loved and free. Feeling proud, the walk of glory!

This trip, with all its good and some bad moments was perfect to me. Each small detail played an important role. This trip, taught me that first one has to be true to themselves, than show it proudly to the world.