Meeting at Office for Good Governance

Inclussion of LGBTI issues in Kosovo Institutions.


Office on Good Governance at the Prime Minister’s Office - the Advisory and Coordination Group for the LGBT rights organized a conference where, in addition to the Group members, present were the Deputy Minister of European Integration Ministry Mr. Ramadan Ilazi, Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology ms Anila Statovci-Demaj, and representatives of Kosovo Judicial Institute, Kosovo Institute for Public Administration, Kosovo’s Prosecutorial Council, Police, NGOs dealing with LGBT issues and many other institutions of Kosovo, as well as the representative of EU Office in Kosovo, embassies, organization and other local and international stakeholders. 

The conference had two purposes. The first was to present the recommendations of the Advisory and Coordination Group for the LGBT rights on continuing with the awareness raising training for the employees of public institutions of Republic of Kosovo on equality and LGBT rights. The second aim was to get the commitment of the relevant institutions in implementing these recommendations. The experts of EU twinning project ‘Against Homophobia and Transphobia’ compiled this training program. 

All the institutions affected by the recommendations consider these training as highly useful for a democratic and diversity tolerant society and that the continuation of the training is instrumental in realizing the Kosovo’s aspirations in the human rights area. As such, all present stakeholders committed to offer institutional support for implementation of training in the future.