Public Debate - Pejë

LGBT persons continue to face great hardships

Peja, November 30th- After a presentation of the current situation for LGBT persons in our society and the hardships which this community faces, Rajmonda Sylbije, the Executive Director of the Centre for Equality and Liberty for the LGBT community in Kosovo (CEL) opened the debate which was organized and held in Peja (the first one of its kind) by the afore mentioned organization. Ms. Sylbije claimed the following: “LGBT persons continue to live double lives, therefore one of the key components of our organizations is empowering LGBT persons, as well as raise awareness among the general Kosovar population towards accepting them as an equal component of society.” Regarding Kosovo’s legal framework Teuta Hoxha from Youth Initiative for Human Rights said that by analyzing this legal framework regarding equal rights for LGBTI persons it is very clear that Kosovo has a very advanced Constitution; however, according to Hoxha “The greatest barrier we face is the lack of discussion for LGBT persons, because only small groups advocate for and discuss about the community, and it is not enough to have a greater impact”.

By emphasizing the important role of the Ombudsman, Shqipe Malaj mentioned that the dysfunctional system is one of the biggest problems regarding LGBTI rights, therefore according to her “The office of the Ombudsman is continuously trying to offer the best possible conditions for posing complaints for any dissatisfaction that may arise”, by continuing with the fact that raising awareness among the general population is one of the most important aspects we should focus on.

This activity is a part of #EngagementforEquity Program, financed by United States Agency for International Development – USAID, and implemented by Advocacy Training Resource Center- ATRC.