Press release

The Center for Social Group Development– CSGD; the Center for Social Emancipation– QESh; and the Center for Equality and Liberty – CEL, harshly condemn the degrading, discriminating, and offensive language used by Mr. Ramush Haradinaj- a member of the Commission for Foreign Affairs as well as an MP of the Republic of Kosovo; during a meeting of said Commission held on 08.09.2015.

The LGBT Community expresses its concern regarding the level of respect given by governmental officials of Kosovo to the rights of this community; rights which are guaranteed by the Kosovo Constitution and the legislation in force.

We call upon all governmental officials to be responsible, correct and professional while exercising their duties, on the basis of legal dispositions currently in force in the Republic of Kosovo. 

On behalf of members of the LGBT Community, we call upon Mr. Ramush Haradinaj to publicly apologize for the language used, seeing as the LGBT community feels deeply offended and discriminated against because of the choice of words by a governmental official, who is a servant of the Kosovar society and is obliged to respect the rights of every citizen regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.



Prishtinë, 08.09.2015