Public Debate in North Mitrovica

Today on 27th of June, a public debate was held in North Mitrovica with the topic “The role of Civil Society on raising awareness and tolerance for the LGBTI Community rights. In which case during the discussion unfolded the position of the LGBT Community, challenges that the Community faces.

Participating Organizations expressed their concern since there is almost the same situation in North Mitrovica as in all territory of Kosovo.

With special emphasis was discussed political situation which presents problem for addressing problems of every social group, but it considers a big success that we have achieved to extend the debate as well in the Northern part of Mitrovica by thanking CSGD organization for the cooperation.

This public debate is part of the program Engagement for Equity, financed by the United States Agency for International Development- USAID and implemented by the Advocacy Training Resource Center- ATRC

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