Training "Knowing LGBT Rights"

Training "Knowing LGBT Rights"

On June 8th started the three-day training “Knowing LGBT Rights”. The participants learned about the terminology, the concepts of sex, gender and sexuality and the situation of LGBT people in Kosovo. There was also a discussion about the role of media in reporting and influencing public opinion about LGBT issues and the importance of campaigns in raising awareness. At the end there was a screening of the documentary “LGBTI Curse” followed by a discussion about the challenges of the LGBT rights movement.

On the second day the participants had the chance to learn about the legal aspects of LGBT rights. Starting with an explaining of the legal framework in Kosovo and human rights in general, there was a discussion about how the Constitution and some laws protect from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and also about the mechanisms used when these rights are infringed. Another topic of discussion was HIV prevention. First there were presented some statistics about the prevalence of HIV and Aids in Kosovo. There was a discussion about the ways the virus can be transmitted and the importance of providing informative sessions and services on preventing and testing for HIV/Aids. At the end the participants showed interest by asking questions and debating.

On the third day the participants practiced the elements of a project. Separated in groups they had to identify a problem, propose the activities, choose the mechanisms to use, and show what were the results. Then they presented their projects and were asked questions by other participants. At the end there was a fun activity called “Forum Theater”. The participants by taking turns played out scenarios where one was acting as someone who is coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, and the other reacting to the news.

This training is part of the program Engagement for Equity, financed by the United States Agency for International Development- USAID and implemented by the Advocacy Training Resource Center- ATRC.

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