On 27th of April, 2016 we had a screening of parts of the documentary series Gaycation. The aim of this activity was to show the experiences and lives of LGBT community on other parts of the world.

The Gaycation series explores LGBTQ cultures around the world as Ellen and Ian meet different people and hear their stories. This time the destination is Japan and Brazil. As Japan is known for its gay literature, they meet one of the writers. Then they visit the bars in the gay neighborhood of Tokio. Despite being one of the most developed countries in the world, there are no laws regarding the protection of LGBT people from discrimination and same-sex marriage is not legal. LGBT people are often pressured by their families to get married and not come out and thus they have difficulties living their authentic lives.

On Brazil on the other hand things seem to be somehow different. Ellen and Ian head to the Sambadrome, where the Carnival happens, and the LGBT community heartily participates. The following day, Ellen and Ian meet up with Brazil’s only openly gay politician, Jean Wyllis. To Jean, Brazil is a country of contradictions. Same-sex marriage is legal, but Brazil has highest LGBT murder rate in the world. What happens next, is a truly frightening experience for Ellen and Ian and everyone watching. They meet up with a man who has admitted to killing many LGBT persons while he was a Brazilian cop. He’s currently a hit man who has no compunction about his hatred for the LGBT community.

At the end there was a discussion about the issues presented, such as homophobia, violence against LGBT community and same-sex marriage. The participants also gave their opinions about the situation of LGBT community in Kosovo and how are their rights protected. There was also a discussion about the role of the government in implementing laws regarding equal rights.

We thank the participants and hope to see you again in future activities.

CEL Team.