Movie night

On 14th of April, 2016 we had a screening of a part of the documentary series Gaycation. The aim of this activity was to show the experiences and lives of LGBT community on other parts of the world.

The Gaycation series explores LGBTQ cultures around the world as Ellen and Ian meet different people and hear their stories. This episode follows them as they travel to Jamaica, a country notorious for its homophobia, and explore the perception of LGBT community by the people. By talking with a range of people, from locals, artists, faith leaders, civil servants to the LGBT community itself, they see that homophobia is widespread. A local points out that homophobia comes from the country’s patriarchal and colonial past. The churches stance as well as the “buggery law” that makes sodomy a crime punishable by prison time, reveal the lack of support from any institution. The homeless LGBT people often targeted by homophobic attacks tell their stories filled with discrimination and prejudice. On the other hand there is an LGBT rights movement on the rise which shows a glimmer of hope.

At the end there was a discussion about the issues presented, such as the impact of influential people on society, and the importance of education. The participants also gave their opinions about the differences and similarities of some aspects of LGBT issues, the community faces in Kosovo. The importance of activism on changing the minds of people and the lives of the LGBT community was emphasized. The participant showed interest in watching the other parts of the documentary.

We thank the participants and hope to see you again in future activities.

CEL Team.