LILTING (2014)

Movie Night    30.10.2015


Lilting is a British drama written and directed by a Cambodian director. This short movie was chosen to be shown at the Sundance festival and at the movie Berlinale in 2011.

The movie had itsworld premiere on January 16th 2014, on the first day of the Sundance Film Festival, where it competed in the World Cinema Competition. This movie won the cinematography award at the World Cinema Dramatic Competition. The movie was shown for the first time in Great Britain on August 8th 2014, where as in the USA on September 26th 2014.

The plot of the movie is set in modern day London, where a Chinese mother mourns the premature death of her son. Her world is complicated further by the presence of an unknown person. We see the difficulty in their communication, seeing as they don’t speak a common language. Through a translator they start to understand each other and remember a person they both loved.

After his sudden death, the mother tries to understand who her son really was. She was someone who was devoted to her son; however, although she loved her son very much and she gave him everything he needed, she did not know that he was gay.


We thank all the participants.