Discussion about marking the coming out day in

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On October 19th, starting from 21:00, Valon Ramadani and Gemza Burgija from CEL, together with Agim Margilaj from CSGD were guests on the radio show Urban FM to discuss a bit regarding “Coming Out Day”.

During the show, the guests spoke in more detail about “Coming Out Day” and the campaign #lequzemer which took place on October 11th, when different slogans and messages were published on social media. The slogans were directed at the general society and community members as well. The position of the LGBT community in Kosovo was discussed, alongside the discrimination which members of the community are subjected to daily. The guests spoke about the physical violence the community is exposed to, and the fact that there are still cases which have not been evaluated by responsible institutions. The importance of Activism was also discussed in regard to LGBT rights both by society in general and the community itself. CEL staff members who were guests on the show informed the listeners about the trainings that were held and are going to be held, as well as different activities which CEL has planned for the future.

You can listen to the whole show here:


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