Training for Youth, on September 28th to 30th, 2015

On September 28th to 30th, 2015 the Center for Equality and Liberty (CEL) held the “Training for Youth” in Prishtina, Kosovo.

             Various speakers lectured on Human Rights, with a special focus on LGBT rights, concentrating on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, the importance and necessity for activism and social change, legal aspects of LGBT rights/ activism and other related topics.  The training consisted of a total of 11 participants, who were awarded certificates of completion at the end.  Applicants were given an equal opportunity of selection by publication of an open call by CEL staff. The participants gained significant knowledge on the position of the LGBT community in our society, as well as learned the rights of the community as guaranteed by law. Aside from legal aspects, the training also provided participants with knowledge of day to day struggles which the community faces in our society, and how they are marginalized in different aspects.

The following comments were written by the participants themselves, in regard to their impression of the training.

            “I participated in the workshop "Training for Youth" held by the Centre for Equality and Liberty (CEL) where we were able to expand our knowledge on LGBT rights. We had the opportunity to gain in-depth information on the legal perspective in Kosovo for the LGBT community, difficulties faced, different gender identities and terminology, and the importance of being a supporter of human rights in general. At the end, we had the chance to find out how we, as part of the civil society, can do our best to promote and defend the different causes of the LGBT community. CEL did a great job at keeping the environment of the workshop fun and interactive. We felt very comfortable discussing the various topics and really relished the friendly atmosphere they were able to provide for us. I look forward to any other workshops/events they organize in the future.” Drenusha Miftari

              “I would like to thank the NGO, CEL KOSOVO, which gave me the opportunity to be part of the “Training for Youth” where we discussed topics related to human rights in regard to sexual orientation and gender identity. 

          The results show us that members of the LGBT community in Prishtina suffer from not being themselves in school, work and in public. Many of them isolate themselves and hide their true identities in order to escape violence which could be inflicted upon them. The local society is very ill informed in regard to the LGBT community and this may be the reason why it has such a negative approach towards LGBT persons.
            I would like to express my appreciation towards the CEL Kosova staff, for showing such respect and care towards the participants of this training. Also, I would like to thank the organizers for taking the initiative to organize this workshop, and informing us about this delicate matter, because we as a civil society should be aware of how important it is to support members of this community. With the knowledge I have gained from this workshop, I would like to challenge my friends and my family to work on spreading knowledge in regard to the LGBT community and their rights, so that we as a society can understand how important support is to every single member of this community.
Rinë Abrashi

Overall, the participants were very insightful on related matters and showed great interest in becoming involved to help the cause of the community.

We the staff of CEL would like to thank the participants for their interest in the topic, and for the contribution given throughout the training.