Patrik, Age 1.5

Movie Night    09.10.2015

Patrik, Age 1.5

A gay couple Goran (GustafSkarsgard) and Sven (TorkelPetersson) want to adopt a child. Due to a mistake, instead of adopting a 1 and half year old child, they end up adopting a 15 year old child named Patrick (Thomas Ljungman), who happens to be a homophobe. With the agency not being able to fix the problem for a week, the couple is forced to take care of Patrick and in the meantime try to change his thoughts that being gay is like being a pedophile.

During the weekend, Sven gets in a fight with the teenager (thinking that he wants to stab him in his sleep, while the young boy is afraid he will be raped), but Goran becomes friends with Patrick and discovers that he is a gardener with experience. When Goran finds out that Patrick has been refused by families for 10 years now, he decides to adopt him.

During the discussion for the participants discussed about these stereotypes which are present in our society as well, and how homosexuals deal with name calling all the time, due to lack of information of the general public. 


We thank all the participants.