Movie Night    09.09.2015

High Art

During one of our movie nights, we played the movie High Art. Sidney is a woman who has planned her whole life with her boyfriend Jacob, and is highly committed in her work towards reaching the top in the magazine Frame. However everything changes, as of the moment when there is a leak in her ceiling.

Lucy Berliner, a famous photographer, is presented as kind, and interesting. Lucy lives with her German girlfriend, Greta who is a heroin addict. Sid starts to be attracted to Lucy. After getting to know her a bit and seeing the pictures in her apartment, she mentions Lucy to her bosses (not knowing that she’s famous), and they remain uninterested until they find out who Lucy is.

During lunch, Lucy agrees to work for the magazine as long as Sid is the editor. Soon enough they create a professional work relationship and a project which is flourishing is giving Lucy a second chance on her career. But, soon enough their professional relationship turns sexual. The lines between work and lust/ love start to blur. Sid slowly discovers the need for understanding, and becomes unsure of her life.

After the movie was finished we continued with a discussion where those who were present gave more importance to the relationship Lucy had with her mother, rather than any other relationship. Lucy was very close to her mother and had a good relationship, and those who were present during the movie gave their thoughts on how important it is to have healthy and strong relationships between children and parents, and how much easier that makes it to come out. 



We thank all the participants.