In the subject of Bisexuality, we discussed about how the fact that people are attracted emotionally and sexually from both sexes, does not represent polygamy.

Some of the participants think that bisexual people cannot be loyal. There were also people who agreed that just like heterosexuals, gays or lesbians, even bisexuals could fall in love and be loyal towards their partners.
One of the participants said that bisexuals are gays or lesbians, but they just don't admit it. Although, there were others who thought the contrary; that bisexuals are not gays and lesbians, and that is why they have a different name, and thus we differentiated among other sexual orientations.

The whole group agreed that we must fight against discrimination towards bisexuals, since they suffer from a double discrimination, meaning the homophbes and people within gay and lesbian community, who think that we must be careful and accept people the way they are.
After a lot of stories that we heard regarding the bisexuals and their everyday life in Kosovo, we agreed that we must remove our prejudices and stereotypes towards this community.