Regional Lesbian Conference June 2014

CEL Kosovo held the Regional Lesbian Conference organized for the first time in Kosovo, supported by Civil Rights Defenders and the Dutch Embassy in Kosovo.
During panel discussions, the participants from Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania discussed about heteronormativity, the role of the lesbian community in LGBT movements and the current situation of the lesbians in the region.
All the present activists have pointed out that the lesbian community has played a significant role in the LGBT movements in the Balkans even though the lesbian community still remains one of the less visible communities facing double discrimination as the consequence of a patriarchal and heteronormative system in Balkans.
The participants also noted that the lesbian community is every day getting more and more empowered and feeling comfortable about their sexuality with an increasing number of lesbians being actively engaged in LGBT NGO’s.
This is a proof that the work of NGO’s can help in mobilizing and creating solidarity between the community.
In this aspect, the cooperation of the NGO’s from the region can further empower communities in Balkan as well as enable to learn from the good practices.