Centre for Equality and Liberty of the LGBT community in Kosova (CEL) was established in July, 2013 with the aim to empower the LGBT community in Kosovo, prevent the discrimination based on sexual orientation, raise awareness of the general population on LGBT rights and advocate for equal rights and non discrimination of the LGBT community in Kosovo in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Kosovo.

CEL also seeks to strengthen the legal framework with effect to the LGBT community in the country as well as to increase the level of active participation of the LGBT community in Kosovo in relevant international and regional mechanisms and projects beneficial to the community and society at large.
CEL staff members and activist are have a considerable level of experience in human rights issues, with particular emphasis on LGBT rights, Community issues and advocacy practices.
We would like to thank all our current and past (and the future ones as well) supporters for believing in our vision of embitterment of the lives of LGBT community members in Kosovo.

The vision of CEL is a Kosovo society which recognizes and applies LGBT rights as fundamental human rights and is free from any form of discrimination and violence

The mission of CEL is to empower LGBT community in Kosovo, prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation by increasing of the awareness of general population on LGBT issues as well as by advocating for equal rights, implementation and improvement of Kosovo laws.

The overall objective - LGBT community is empowered to claim their rights, advocate for the law implementation and influence the increased acceptance of the society towards LGBT community.